The Sardenaira of Sanremo, but be careful not to call it pizza!

The sardenaira is not a focaccia, it is not a pizza… The sardenaira is a unique recipe that can be tasted in the province of Imperia and, in particular, in Sanremo.

The one and only true sardenaira is seasoned with tomato pulp, anchovies, olives, capers, oregano and poached garlic cloves and looks like a thick, soft and very tasty focaccia ­ a real treat to try at least once if you are in the beautiful Riviera di Ponente!

The first version of the sardenaira is said to have appeared around 1300. At that time, it was called pissalandrea, in honour of Admiral Andrea Doria.

It was a soft dough, very similar to focaccia, garnished with onions and salted anchovies. Over time, the recipe changed and, with the discovery of America and the shipping of goods from overseas, tomatoes were added.

The sardenaira is a product of well­defined territorial origin, to the degree of it having obtained the De. C.O. (communal denominations of origin) recognition.

Just one tiny little tip: don’t you dare call it pizza! Grab a piece of sardenaira and enjoy it while sitting on the beach. We look forward to seeing you in Sanremo, the city of flowers, music and the sardenaira!

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